The Ready Up Podcast – Season 3 Episode 6 – “Good Times Ahead”

You can’t say you weren’t warned, or at least had a decent idea that it might happen. Yes, after all of the noise that’s going on and the amount of chatter that there’s been up to date, Tony’s GTA cast is here.

Joining in the discussion of mis-deeds, stunning graphics, and epic attention to detail are Simon Allen and special guest Guy Woodward.


‘G-T-A’ brings us

  • Good things (!) in terms of ticking the fans wish lists for a GTA game
  • Tennis – Guy rues skipping over the instructions for the in-game game
  • Attention to detail in almost every aspect. All of the team agree that the levels of detail in the game, including the character dialogues is far beyond what could have been expected.


  • Tony wonders if the torture scene was perhaps a little too much, even for a GTA title
  • Simon bisects a Mountain Lion with a pushbike
  • Guy chases a cougar on a quad and flicks it the bird
  • Helicopters CAN be used as battering rams
  • $10 Million is an awful lot to pay for a car
  • Matte Orange paint is Simon’s pimp colour of choice for the next Audi R8 he buys
  • Cars sometimes vanish

UPDATE: Missing cars..

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a workaround to recover a car if it is missing,” Rockstar support have said.

In the meantime, please try to avoid parking a car in a garage, driving one already in a garage, or getting in a default vehicle, when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.

So there!

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