Looking For Party – It’s the Final (Fantasy) Countdown!

Looking for Party

In the weeks leading up to the full release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (for those who don’t know, official release date is August 27th) anticipation has been running high with what the new game will give us. Its safe to say that the development team really want to give their audience the best MMORPG they can, keeping fans informed with regular Live Letters from the Producer – good old Yoshi-P! They have been working hard to reward loyal players and welcoming new adventurers to the fold.

Final phase goes live this coming weekend, with the level cap sitting at 20 but finally giving us testers a shot at Arcanist, Scholar, and Summoner. After much titillation, we finally get to tinker about the with the jobs and classes.

Left to right: Arcanist, Summoner, and Scholar.

One of the big moments this release will bring is the re-rolling of the original characters we all had in version 1.0. This means we keep our stats and progress but get to treat our characters to a make over… and I have been debating what I will do with Paru. I loved her original design. I make no attempt in hiding the fact I rolled her six times to get her as I wanted her (yes I am that sad) but then they released Highlander Hyur Females for Realm Reborn and I fell in love.

So my first night of Phase 4 will be spent making Paru perfect once more! Not exactly exciting, but the way I see it is I have to look at her all the time, so I might as well make her extremely pleasing on the eye!

Community has always been a big part of the game, Tantalus Theatre Troupe have been our little home from home and now the guys have really stepped things up, working hard to establish a friendly and fun Linkshell in preparation for release. So I asked some of the members what they are looking forward to most in the new version…

Emma McKatkat answered, “DUNGEONS DUNGEONS DUNGEONS” (I think she likes doing the dungeon runs) all of which will be instanced but these can only be triggered by certain conditions in a party set up.

Her other half, Autumn McKatkat, told me he cannot wait to get into the new F.A.T.E system. These are brand new to FFXIV, you are out and about in the field when indicators on screen alert you that a F.A.T.E is near by – a large scale fight against one strong enemy/numerous waves of opponents. Basically the more players that join you in the fight, the merrier! Rewards are scaled on how much you have participated so it really pays to get stuck in.

 Nothing makes you look more menacing than having your hood up… even if you’re a fluffy little white mage!

I was curious to know how much involvement people were having in the TTT group, Ten Hachifusa has been actively co-ordinating with Linkshell leader Skeezix Dilemma and our web-master Eldak Targon in creating a friendly environment for old and new members to get acquainted prior to final release. Plodding away at the Linkshell website, they have all been chattering away with people and keeping us all posted on any new game developments.

Finally I asked people the age old question: if you could have ANY one thing for release, what would that be?

Ten wanted his relic completed, but knows that he is not far off from this and WILL have it done! Emma wants the highly anticipated Lightening from FFXIII’s outfit “because… why the heck not?”

A subtle hint at in-game cosplay?

Autumn’s suggestion for a white mage hood that could be toggled up or down is a pretty solid idea. Nothing makes you look more menacing than having your hood up… even if you’re a fluffy little white mage. Sadly nothing has been confirmed but there is rumour that battle gear movement is being discussed.

The official promotional video has been released (Japanese only for the time being) and looks absolutely beautiful, explaining how you begin your journey in the new realm of Eorzea.

It demonstrates steps of character customisation, race previews and each home city you can start the game from. You don’t need to know Japanese to get a grasp of that is happening, just look at all the pretty shiny!








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