Saints Row IV Declares Season Pass Plans

As part of Deep Silvers Hail to the Chief week, a set of short videos showing off the fantastically unique over the top nature of Saints Row IV (the latest of which can be seen below), the inevitable plans for a season pass have been announced. Available to pre-order now from participating retailers for £7.99, the pass will include the ‘directors cut’ of the Enter the Dominatrix DLC, the second has yet unannounced mission pack coming late 2013, and access to a new weapon – the “rectifier” anal probe. The game itself is due for release the 20th of August in America and the 23rd everywhere else in the world

Enter the Dominatrix was originally planned as an expansion to Saints Row the Third, but was eventually merged into Saints Row IV, with supposedly little of the original expansion actually remaining. The DLC included in this pass will be a look at what that original content was going to be look before the change, and should be interesting to explore. Besides, lets face it, more Saints Row can only be a good thing.







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