CAPCOM announce new Street Fighter IV characters

Speaking at this weekend’s fighting game tournament, EVO 2013, CAPCOM announced that the newest expansion to the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV will be hitting the stores in early 2014.

Following other current generation Street Fighter titles such as Super Street Fighter IV, the Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken, the shenanigans of Ryu and his tussle-buddies are familiar to us all, and I personally am ecstatic for the next instalment. The newest expansion is set to include 5 additional characters, including Rolento, Poison, Hugo, Elena and a ‘mystery character’ unseen in any previous Street Fighter game. It will also include 6 new stages, a pre-order bonus of costumes from the incredible comic artists at Udon, and will see existing characters levelled out fairly, so it’ll be harder to spam Hadokens for an easy victory (though hopefully not impossible).

The expansion will include all previous DLC characters and costumes, and will reportedly cost $14.99 to upgrade from any existing copies of Street Fighter IV.

Although no official release date or even title has been revealed as of yet, CAPCOM promises to provide the latter following the final bout at EVO later today, as well as a trailer.







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