Proteus release confirmed for both PlayStation 3 & PS Vita

The Official PlayStation Blog has now confirmed that the critically acclaimed PC indie title ‘Proteus’ will be coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this year.

The until now PC exclusive indie title has gained heaps of praise for its incredibly relaxing music, gameplay, and tone of the game. Even going as far to win several awards including: “Best Audio” at IndieCade 2011, and the A Maze 2012 “Most Amazing Game”.

As Curve, the publishers of the game, describe it: “Everything in Proteus is procedurally generated, which means the game is different each time you play. The game plays through all four seasons before the end, and it’s nearly impossible to see everything in the game with one play through.

Proteus will be cross-buy when it releases at some point this Autumn, however no pricing has been announced as of writing. In the meantime, why not gaze dreamily at the official trailer below?


(Source: Official PlayStation Blog)






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