PS4’s PlayStation Plus and cross-game chat detailed

Sony has now confirmed that multiplayer on PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus subscription, and that cross-game chat will (finally) be available on launch of the new console.

Fergal Gara, Sony UK CEO, confirmed that the PS+ requirement came for two key reasons: “First of all, we wanted to introduce the console at a healthy price-point compared with PS3,” and the second was because Sony is “investing in a higher performance network, new things, better performance, [and] better reliability.

However, a single PS+ subscription will cover all available Sony platforms (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSP), and only the PS4’s multiplayer will require the subscription to function. Gara also took the opportunity to state what “immense value” PS+ currently is, covering all platforms, as well as providing free games of all types, and unique discounts on the PSN Store.

The PlayStation 3 was heavily criticized at launch for having an unrealistic price tag attached to it, approximately £425 in the UK, and currently the PlayStation 4 is sat very comfortable at a price tag of £349. A full £76 cheaper than the PS3’s launch price, and a slightly higher £80 cheaper than the current RRP of the Xbox One currently set at £429.

Gara also confirmed when when questioned on cross-game chat on the PS4: “It’s there.” Good. It’s about time, Sony.

(Source: Official PlayStation Magazine)






3 responses to “PS4’s PlayStation Plus and cross-game chat detailed”

  1. artemisthemp avatar

    Guess PS4 gamers is happy now 🙂

    1. Mark avatar

      Not really, it’s only Microsoft PR machine and thus Xbox gamers that cared that PS3 owners didn’t have it.

      PS3 owners were having too much fun playing and chatting to friends in the SAME game as they were playing to care about disjointed cross game conversations.

      1. Anthony Pounds-Cornish avatar
        Anthony Pounds-Cornish

        I cannot speak for the PS3 owners you know but in my experience it’s one of the few disparities within the current console generation that the many PS3 owners I know wished didn’t exist.

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