The Ready Up Podcast – Season 2, Episode 16 – The (not so) Average Podcast

Tony is joined by Producer John on the mics this time around.  Simon Allen joins and the fabulous foursome is completed by Special Guest Debbie Timmins of The Average Gamer. The crew are all over the map this time around and we span the decades from early text adventures through to speculating about the new Xbox.

Current gaming

  • Tony: God of War Ascension, Skyrim, Guacamelee
  • Simon: BioShock: Infinite, Dark Souls, Starcraft 2
  • John: Tomb Raider; MotorStorm Apocalypse;  Artemis
  • Debbie: Defiance


  • LucasArts development is finished at Disney. A shame but also an opportunity for other dev houses?
  • HMV saved. Do we still want to go out and buy stuff?
  • EA “worst company in the USA”
  • Total War Rome II Screenshot – the biggest in the world?
  • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  • Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription

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  1. John Brown avatar

    Wanted to say that, of the back of this, I bought Defiance and am really quite enjoying it! Usually shooters do nothing for me (when I can play them at all) but this has just enough story running through it that I’m engaging with the world!

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