StarCraft 2 eSports now with World Championship Series

Today Blizzard announced the 2013 World Championship Series will feature StarCraft II, and be split into three regions: Europe, North America, and South Korea. Major League Gaming is on board to organise the North American side of things, while the Electronic Sports League will host the European side, and GomTV/OnGameNet will host the league in South Korea. This series will also be streamed in beautiful 720p on Twitch.TV.

There will be three seasons in 2013, with regional and seasonal final events, and a unified global ranking system which draws on points awarded across all the events. The top 16 players from across all three regions will compete in the BlizzCon Global Finals for the title of StarCraft II World Champion.

Blizzard’s CEO Mike Morhaime, when questioned on the current state of StarCraft II eSports, said: “It’s very hard to follow, to really know what the relative importance of winning various things are. I think it really falls to us, to Blizzard, we’re really the only company in position to work with everybody, to help create a single storyline in the ecosystem.

Blizzard have already confirmed that there will be over $1,600,000 of prize money to be won throughout the championship, so the Protoss players should walk away with at least a cool $20. Be sure to check out the link below for further details on this epic unification.







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