Firaxis Announces Free-to-Play Title Haunted Hollow

Taking a break from console and PC development, Firaxis’ next title will a mobile strategy game with a “haunted house” theme.

Haunted Hollow will see players take control of a spooky mansion filled with monsters on the outskirts of a small town. There, they will be tasked with battling a competing player (or computer opponent) for territory in and around the town. The official iTunes description clarifies:

“From the studio that brought you Sid Meier’s Civilization and XCOM: Enemy Unknown comes Haunted Hollow, a competitive, spooky strategy game where you build and rule a mysterious mansion to spawn freaky monsters. Unleash these powerful minions and send them into town to go head-to-head with your rivals to capture townhouses, battle enemies, avoid angry mobs and seize control!”

As with most free-to-play titles, progress can be sped-along with paid power-ups for your monsters. Games Center integration and Pass & Play support have also been confirmed, emphasising the heavy focus on multiplayer.

Haunted Hollow is already available on the Canadian iTunes store, with a release in other regions planned for this Spring. No other release platforms have been announced at this time.






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