Chillingo and Samsung announce partnership to support Indie devs

Mobile publisher Chillingo, and maker of all things shiny, Samsung are teaming up to create the The “100% Indie” developer program to give the mobile developer community a boost which will hopefully result in greater success for all involved.

The program starts on March 4th, when all Indie Developers can visit to submit their work to Samsung’s “100% indie” review team. Once approved the team will assist developers in getting their games on the market and, if they sign up during the first six months, they’ll earn 100% of their game’s revenue. Not bad, eh?

“100% Indie” aims to inspire, foster and support indie developers around the world.

Chiilingo’s founder, John Wee said “Making a game is hard. Developers are looking for inspiration and opportunities. ‘100% Indie’ is designed to help independent developers take full advantage of these amazing revenue opportunities and bring their games to Samsung Apps”







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