Explosive Alan – Homework: Robots

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We’re subscribers to the Terminator school of robotic evolution theory, which is to say that we’re pretty certain one day they will develop sufficient self-awareness to turn on their creators and rule over what remains of our planet while those humans that remain form small pockets of resistance. Also: time travel! None of this has anything to do with our robot-themed episode of Homework, which guest stars Outside Xbox’s Mike Channel and Cornelius & Toots co-creator Simon Chong, and features an incredible clash of cardboard titans.

Task 1: Binary Domain (Suggested by Chris Taylor): 04:23
Task 2: Class of 1999 (Suggested by Mike Harrison): 12:35
Task 3: Robot Fight! (Suggested by Samuel Smith, Sam Campsall and Gerone Mezzone): 24:38

The theme for our next episode is SPEED, so whizz your suggestions over to us on Facebook, Twitter or just comment on this very page before 8th November.

Thanks to created for this week’s stirring theme – we’ve big enough to admit that we’ve pretty much run out, so please send over your 10-second compositions to [email protected] and they’ll feature in a future episode.

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