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Going way back to my early Ready Up career, I wote a few devious blogs which came with a twist.  This was by far my favourite one as it takes in a few of my passions with gaming and music.  Of course, it is also the only post, as far as I am aware, which includes a picture of a semi naked member of the team in bed with a plastic peripheral.  If that’s not dedication to the cause, then I don’t know what is.

Reunited – It Feels So Good

“As I’m more than sure many of you will know, and probably are sick of hearing, she left me six months ago now.  Six months is not really that long but to me it feels like a decade.  A certain hush fell over my life; when she left it felt like everything in life wasted a way in an instant  and there was never going to be any form of salvation for me.  For months on end I felt dead inside, I felt that there would never be any going back, no longer could I tell her, “I’m crazy on you.”” Read more

When I played through Heavy Rain I knew I had just experienced something very special.  It was like nothing I had ever played before or, in all fairness, have played since. I was glad to see that others had had the same experience as myself, albeit from a slightly different personal point of view.  I never expected that a website like Kotaku would be interested in it but they were and republished it, much to my pride. I felt the utmost pride, though, because it was a Ready-Up original.

Morals and Ethics

“Life is full of moral decisions to make, every minute of every day we are faced with choices that can affect the rest of our day or indeed, the rest of our life.  Turn your attention to movies and literature and you can also see the playing out of morally important decisions, should Neo have taken the red or the blue pill in “The Matrix,”?  Of course we are also subjected to moral choices in the games we play, not all of the choices we are asked to make are as apparent as others. They could be as simple as shooting an innocent deer in the Cabela’s Hunt games to the murdering of innocent people in Modern Warfare 2” Read more

Dating and gaming, who would ave thought that it would be such a minefield?  Not me!  And yet, there I was looking for a like minded gaming woman to be the Peach to my Mario.  Sadly, even after a right good article,I never did find that fellow geek.  It hasn’t detered me from looking and maybe after a fresh look at my article, I may find my inbox bulging.  Chances are, I’ll be inserting more coins to continue.

W.L.T.M a Gamer with a G.S.O.H

“I have a few things that don’t particularly go in my favour. I’m over 35, I’m a Dad and sadly my biggest affliction seems to be that I’m a gamer, although some would argue that I haven’t been blessed in the looks department either! All of these are pretty normal complaints for a great many people, but I’m also faced with the fact that I’m single. Yes, the single life can be great, I can do what I want when I want, starfish the whole bed at night, and watch whatever channel I so desire (as long as CBBC is off air). Yes, the single life is great.” Read more…







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