My Life in Pixels – Garrus Vakarian

Name: Garrus Vakarian.

Age: His age is never mentioned in the games. I can see him being in his early thirties. 

First Encounter: Mass Effect.

Best Bud: Garrus gets on well with pretty much everyone in the Normandy’s crew but Shepard, Tali, Kaiden and Liara appear to be the closest to him because they’ve known him from the beginning.

Job: Before joining Shepard on the Normandy to track down Saren, Garrus was part of C-Sec’s Investigation Division. Following in his father’s footsteps, he joined them shortly after leaving the military.

Likes: Calibrations! Fem Shep, helping save the galaxy, being the good guy and catching the bad ones. Or killing them, whatever plays out.

Dislikes: Geth, Saren, war, politics, politicians, red tape, people undermining him.

Personality Traits: Garrus comes across as cocky and “hot headed” but he is a loyal companion to Shepard and the crew of the Normandy. Brought up by a by-the-book father Garrus does respect authority but also hates “red tape”. His life has been full of action and living closely with death, so he will follow his leader into any situation. If they make it or not, it’s been one hell of a ride.

Favourite Food: Beer and plenty of it. Maybe something like chili fries or a big greasy burger would suit Garrus more then a fancy Italian meal. 

Favourite Film: Starship Troopers! Something with action, space, corny one liners and bad-ass aliens! Heck, the Alien series would be ideal for this Turian.

Favourite Book: Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. Reading up on tactics and strategies would be helpful in most situations Garrus faces. And something on calibrations would be nice too!

Favourite Game: Laser Quest! Running round in the dark shooting your opponets with lasers would be a great way to relax after staring at calibrations or chasing Geth all day. Just someone remind him, it’s for fun and not real lasers!

How to get Garrus’s attention: Someone who believes in a sense of justice and willing to do something about it will get this Turian’s attention. Being a bad-ass in combat and in your spare time is also a big bonus. 

Garrus’s Dream Date: Going to his perfect spot on the Citadel and shooting beer cans and bottles for hours. Good way to relax and chill out. Just make sure some are filled with booze of course and he gets very happy if you let him win.

Garrus as a Partner: Garrus strikes me as a one woman Turian. He won’t fool around and will always be there with a shoulder to cry on. He doesn’t care if youre a human or a Turian, just someone who understands him and his ways. Garrus loves his calibrations, so you do need to give him space and respect there.

Garrus is one of my all time favourite characters because he is cocky, flirty, and an alien! You can’t hate him because he isn’t the boring stick to the rules guy. Yes he was brought up in a tough, military background but sometimes you have to go against those in authority to do what’s right. Garrus isn’t afraid to do that. He makes you laugh and can move you when he does get all romantic with Fem Shep. Even though he’s a big alien bad-ass, he still has a soft spot for her and is willing to follow her into battle in a heartbeat. Even as Man Shep, Garrus becomes a loyal ally in the darkest of times and would die for Shepard. Brothers in arms, if you will. You will never find a more loyal companion for your space adventures than this Turian.







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