Stumped – iPad Edition

Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight, my fellow puzzle lovers. Welcome to another exciting instalment of Stumped. This edition’s puzzle selection has been brought to you by my snazzy new iPad. I recently decided to treat myself, and bought an iPad. Partly to celebrate my new job and move down to the Big Smoke (or London to you and me) but mainly it was bought on impulse. As with anything electrical I buy, my initial thought was what games can I play on it and if not, why the heck do I want it? Now I’m sure many of you would say “all of the games you already have on your iPhone”, and really, you’d be pretty much right. But hold on to your horse flies, the iPad does have specific games which you can’t play on the iPhone. Plus, some of the games which can be played on both look frickin’ AMAZEBALLS on the iPad. So on that cheery note; these are the hot (and also free) puzzle games you guys need to be playing right now…after reading my reviews of course.

Big Big Castle!

Build a castle up, turn that castle into rubble. Pretty simple, right?! But who doesn’t love a bit of straightforward fun after a long day at work? When creating your castle in Build mode, you are also given various tasks to complete. The main aim is to build a castle reaching the required height. From there you get additional points if you can complete additional tasks such as creating new homes for your fellow peasants or collecting the floating coins. With each castle you make, you then get a chance to destroy it in a variety of ways. You can either use a cannon ball, super cannon balls or UFOs that shoot out laser beams. Additional building items, weapons and levels can also be brought from the Shop section to add more to the game.

Trundle HD

Here’s a game which can be played on both iPad and iPhone. The only difference is that there is a HD version of the game which is only available on the iPad. You play as a cog called Tum Unk Bunk, as he goes on a search for his father who was kidnapped. Moving Tum is done by tilting the iPad/iPhone using the accelerometer and you jump by tapping the screen, advancing through levels by solving the physical puzzles that stand in your way. As you need to perform some pretty tricky moves, realistically Trundle HD should cause you to rage quit. But thanks to the brilliant soundtrack, you’ll find that it is oddly relaxing.


Again, Flow is another dual game that is available on both the iPad and iPhone. My Android massive can also give this game a go. The aim of the game is to connect matching colours with a pipe, creating a flow. All you have to remember is that by overlapping or crossing different colours, the pipe will bust. Also, you have to make sure that each square of the grid is covered by pipes in order to clear the level. When you’ve downloaded the game, you get a regular pack which contains 5×5 to 9×9 boards, each with 30 puzzles. Additional packs are available where you can play on boards sized 10×10 up to 14×14. The best way for me to describe this game is to say it’s seriously addictive and frustratingly simple, but the only way to truly understand it is by giving it a go.

So, these are all games which have an element of adventure thrown into the puzzling mix. And what’s even better is that they’re all free and available to download onto your iPad. Until next time, keep on puzzlin’!







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    wow, considering i have over 1000 ipad games, i dont have any of these. but soo need to try

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