Couch Co-op – Tales of Co-op to Come

Welcome back to Couch Co-op your one stop shop for gaming with friends, foes and familiars alike. This time we are going to take a peek at what’s to come in the new year and with the gaming convention season upon us there is no better time to look lustfully at the games to come.

With E3 just finished and Gamescom just round the corner there will be a plethora of games companies lining up to tickle your gaming buds in an attempt to whet your appetite with their promises of new franchises, experiences and sequels.

Halo 4

Kicking off the long list of co-op games is Halo 4. Halo as a series has gained a reputation for its co-op and online play and Halo 4 promises to capitalise on all the bits and bobs you hold dear from previous game with the return of Master Chief and the promise of weekly instalments on the new Spartan Ops.

I doubt those that have an Xbox 360 will even consider giving this game a miss but on the off chance you do, you will know somebody who has every intention of buying Halo 4 and forcing you to play it. So fret not as this is one co-op experience you will not miss, especially when it will allow up to 4 players!

Far Cry 3

Personally I was never one for Far Cry but I did have great fun playing custom maps in Far Cry Instincts a few years back. As for Far Cry 2 I couldn’t stand the game although with promises of gameplay akin to Far Cry Instincts and the inclusion of co-op, Far Cry 3 might just be more than a blip on Couch Co-op radar. Unfortunately it would seem that Far Cry 3 has been pushed back but there is still hope yet to see it by Christmas this year.

Dead Space 3

Although Couch Co-op embraces all things cooperative, I disapprove of the inclusion of a partner in crime in the latest instalment as most horror games work better as single player games. Can you honestly say you prefer Resident Evil 5 to the rest? Exactly. Although as a co-op enthusiast I do look forward to whatever is thrown in the way of multiplayer action.

Gears of War: Judgement

Unfortunately I have became rather burnt out on the Gears series. At first it was great, the COG meatsacks were great fun to throw around  an apocalyptic wasteland but now the fascination has faded and we have been left with a rather brown future. Judgement does predate the series and serves as a prequel/spin off of sorts, substituting the ever grumpy duo of Marcus and Dom and replaces them with the overly annoying Cole Train and the absurdly irritating Damon Baird. Not much is known about the game aside from the developer (People Can Fly of Bulletstorm fame) and that it is set 15 years before GoW. All you can hope for is that the “retro” lancer does not become your standard lancer.

Borderlands 2

Hands down the best co-op game of 2009 is set to make its triumphant return this year with more classes and a vibrantly colourful overhaul. Borderlands 2 is definitely going to require a few sick days to fully enjoy but they will be worth it. After all the promised lots of Wub Wub.

Skylanders: Giants

Arguably the biggest game launch of 2011, Skylanders invaded our homes and purged our wallets. It may have slipped under your radar but parents everywhere know of the unstoppable fad of collecting all those small plastic toys and the price tag that comes with it. Activision have promised a bigger and better game for the sequel along with a whole host of new characters to rob you of your last penny. So look out parents, this gem is heading your way just in time for Christmas. It’s co-op too.

Resident Evil 6

I loved Resident Evil 5 for the fact I got to play with a friend and the inclusion of two more players has me waiting with bated breath. That being said, claiming that the game has 4 player co-op is a bit of a stretched statement to say the least. While it is true in the loosest possible use of the term “4 player co-op”, certain boss fights will enable you and three other friends to tackle the behemoth and go on their separate ways through their own two player segments of story. There is still some wait until the big release but who is to say that there won’t be a few more pleasant surprises along the way?

As you can see the coming year is jam packed with a great variety of games, so grab a friend and get gaming!







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    I hear tales of Co-Op in the new Colonial Marines game. Having played both of the original AvP Games I would love to see the EVAC game mode make an appearance.

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