Cute Chronicles – The Death of Draw Something

Su-per cutesy happy fun game and craft time!

Draw Something is a ghost town now. A little while ago you couldn’t go without feverishly throwing down a quick sketch for a few measly coins. For some, it was an addiction. For others, a full-time job. For everyone, a colourful, fun and sweet little distraction, which is the best kind of casual game.

However, that’s all it was ever going to be. It was destined to rise to meteoric proportions before crashing back down spectacularly. When we all started playing this game, we didn’t expect to embark upon an epic 40+ hour adventure, we just thought we’d have a quick fling and then move on to the next one. We’re not surprised that nobody really plays this game anymore, although there are the few stragglers continuing out of a strange habit, like myself.

I started with fifteen or so games of Draw Something on the go but as the months went on this dwindled. I’m now down to one or two, and even then these are sporadic. We probably send each other drawings once a week, or once every two weeks. I’m not even sure why I bother responding. I guess because every time I do, it’s a reminder of how fun this was once upon a time.

Like most things casual, especially ones that depend on a social element, Draw Something has a limited appeal. It’s fine for a quick go and a laugh but isn’t designed to be sustained over a long period of time. It relies on its novelty and its interest to the people playing it. The novelty wears off rather quickly, especially when you’ve seen a few galleries of ‘epic Draw Something drawings’ and decide that your drawing skills are sub-par at best, mostly because the game won’t give you the colour green from the get-go. Also, while the game was a good test of how well you know your flags, there’s only so many times you can draw certain words. I got quite good at drawing a crab scuttling across a beach after getting the word three times in one day.

I do mourn the loss of Draw Something at least a little bit. It’s a little bit nostalgic, thinking of the time you spent staring at the screen, trying to decipher someone’s squiggles before being struck with a revelation. Well, I feel nostalgic at least until the updated version sends yet another please play me… notification. It does this on occasion, pitifully crying out for attention but ending up as nothing more than an annoying reminder that you forgot to turn off the alerts. That reminds me, I need to do that.

Goodbye, Draw Something! There was a point where completion (as in the purchase of all available colour packs and a 99+ streak with someone) was in sight but that’s no longer possible and we’ll have to separate. I will miss you at least a little bit because you gave me some gems as well as an eye-meltingly accurate illustration of the word ‘pee’. Some worksafe drawings I remembered to screencap are below.







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