My Life in Pixels – Yoshi


Name: Yoshi.

Age: Because Yoshi is a dinosaur, I can see him being quite old. But a very young dinosaur at heart!

First Encountered: Super Mario World. The level was Yoshi’s Island 2.

Best Bud: Mario! Yoshi is one of Mario’s closest and most loved friends, he looks up to Mario and you can see the respect between them. How many friends are willing to give you a piggyback across obstacles and dangers? Not many in my book! Mario is hero material to Yoshi because he rescued him from Bowser when he was just an egg. Yoshi also has a close bond to Luigi and refers to him as “mama” in the Mario TV series because he puts him to bed and reads him a bedtime story. Toad is also a good friend to Yoshi, maybe this is because of their childlike outlook on life.

Job: Royal steed for Mario and also helping Mario and co on his many adventures. Koopa stomping is always fun!

Likes: Mario, Luigi and helping others; eating lots of food, bedtime stories and going on adventures.

Dislikes: Bowser, koopas, meatballs, having a sore tummy and anyone who tries to hurt his friends.

Personality Traits: Yoshi has a playful and youthful attitude, but will do anything to protect those close to him. He loves the plumber brothers so much he managed to protect them when they were babies from Kamek and the Koopa Troop. A hero and always willing to help others just like Mario. Yoshi is a dinosaur you can depend on to help.

Favourite Food: Like Mario, Yoshi has a big appetite. But this little dinosaur is not a meatballs fan like the plumber. How many dinosaurs have you see getting stuck into Italian food? No, Yoshi will mostly eat fruits like melons and even some of Mario’s enemies! They must contain special vitamins or something.

Favourite Film: Due to his childlike nature, Yoshi would favour animated movies such as “The Land Before Time” series. This would be ideal for little Yoshi. Drama, fun, excitement and danger all rolled into one. “Jurassic Park” maybe a bit too much for this dinosaur! Plus it may give him nightmares or some scary ideas.

Favourite Book: Comics would be ideal for Yoshi. Something with superheroes and villains. I dont really see Yoshi as much of a big book reader.

Favourite Game: Yoshi is quite sporty and enjoys different sports like baseball, basketball and tennis. I can see Yoshi becoming a super sports star due to his speed and ability to overcome obstacles. Plus Yoshi has made his way to the 2012 Olympic Games!

How to get Yoshi’s attention: Have some berries ready and make sure you are not a Koopa. He may even be your knight in shiny armor saving your life! Yoshi cant turn away from someone in need.

Yoshi’s Dream Date: A fun day out, like a fair ground! Going on as many roller coasters and eating as much cotton candy as possible before walking it all off with a walk around a park. Maybe even have a game of football or baseball.

Yoshi as a Partner: Yoshi would be more of a best friend than a good boyfriend. Love is something he may not be able to get to grips with because of his young outlook on life. But you would get a great friend in Yoshi if you gave him the time and the odd berry of course!

Its hard not to like Yoshi. Playful, fun, helpful and loyal, this little dinosaur has a heart of gold and will do whatever it takes to keep his friends safe. A perfect ally in the fight against evil, Yoshi is someone you need by your side in the darkest of times, eager to make you smile and feel better about yourself. He has to be the most recognized sidekick in gaming history, has many spin off games and will be round for many years to come. Yoshi really is the gaming icon of true friendship.







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