My Life in Pixels – Tidus


Name: Tidus.

Age: 17 in Final Fantasy X, 19 in Final Fantasy X-2.

First Encountered: Final Fantasy X.

Best Bud: Wakku. The Blitzball captain takes Tidus under his wing after discovering him on the shores of Besaid Island. He teaches him the Yevon prayer and forms a brotherly bond with Tidus, who reminds him of his dead brother, Chappu.

Job: Blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes and the Besaid Aurochs. Also becomes one of Yuna’s guardians.

Likes: Yuna, Blitzball, whistling.

Dislikes: His dad, Seymour, and seeing Yuna upset.

Personality Traits: Tidus can appear childish, cocky and immature at times, but underneath the carefree persona lies a very caring person with a troubled past. How many 17 year olds do you know that aren’t silly and like to not take things seriously? Tidus does mature throughout the game, however, and does seem to grow up.

Favourite Food: I can see Tidus being a hotdog/burger with fries fan. We dont see him eat in the games, but to me it would be a junk food diet but with the exercise thrown in from Bliztball. Tidus could pull it off.

Favourite Film: Something full of action or comedy. No romance! Maybe an Ali G film because of his shocking impression in the game! Aye!

Favourite Book: Tidus doesnt seem like much of a bookworm. He would probably enjoy sports magazines or ones like “Mens Health”.

Favourite Game: If Bliztball somehow ever became a board game, you can bet your last gil Tidus will be all over it. But until then the real thing will have to do.

How to get Tidus’s attention: Whistle! And being a young attractive girl helps. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when Rikku did her famous undress scene, as Im sure many young mens’ eyes did. Also don’t be serious all the time. Tidus likes to have fun.

Tidus’s Dream Date: This is difficult because Tidus is interested in both Yuna and Rikku. Whichever girl he chooses, you can guarantee a Blitzball match is on the cards. Tidus may even take part himself! We all showed off at that age. After that a nice dinner somewhere, but nothing too serious, maybe a burger bar on a beach.

Tidus as a Partner: 17 is still a young age when it comes to relationships. But the relationship between Tidus and Yuna shows that you can still love someone even at 17. Tidus can give love and affection, but he also needs someone who will listen to him and help him forget his troubles, even just for a little while. And he will do the same in return.

Tidus is like Marmite; you either love him or hate him. At first he is annoying and childish, but as the story develops so does Tidus’s character. 17 is an age where you have fun and can be immature, but he has to grow up because of the situation he finds himself in. Final Fantasy does not always offer up a happy, go lucky protagonist so perhaps thats what put people off Tidus. His voice is very high pitched for a 17 year old boy and can get annoying pretty quickly. But he does have a caring nature about him that Yuna manages to bring out and you cant fault him for wanting to protect and save her.







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    Damn. I really wanted to see Zanarkland too.

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    The hours I spent trying to kick ass in Blitzball and win that first championship!

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