Frame Skip – Star Trek

Back again with another Frame Skip trailer dissection, this teaser really caught my eye when it was released a short while ago. A surprise on all fronts, setting, genre, developer and publisher. Ladies and gentlemen please make welcome to the stage, Star Trek.

We know very little about this one, just like I know very little about Star Trek but I’ve done some research. Ever wondered if Trekkie or Trekker is the correct word to use? Well the facts are that no true fan would call themselves a Trekkie and a true Trekker is anyone that would take the time to point that out that they are not a Trekkie. Let’s get to it then and see what we can see.

Nice Gun. Mordin make that for you?

OK, maybe that’s a little unfair, but my gosh that looks like a Salarian weapon from Mass Effect. Perhaps it’s just because that world is so fresh in my mind or because this guy doesn’t seem to be dressed in any kind of Star Trek uniform I’ve ever seen. But wait…

Oh, right! I get it now.

Look who it is! It’s that new Captain Kirk. All makes sense now. I really enjoyed that new Trek movie. I love a bit of ‘alternate timeline’ stuff because it makes it easier for us less informed viewers. Trailer, you have me interested now.

Zachary Quinto, the perfect casting for Spock, even more so now that no one cares about Heroes anymore.

It gets better, I loved this guy as Spock. If this game has co-op I am going for Spock every time. What’s with those suits, though? If no one has coloured shirts I won’t know who’s in charge of the ship!

Cover based shooter?

If this is a third-person cover based shooter as this trailer implies then I’m all for it. You can’t have a game filled with iconic characters then make it first-person. I want to see a great deal of Spock and Kirk arse. They also seem to be on a Geth ship so that’s cool. OK, I’ll stop that now.

BAM! Gold captain shirt!

I really like this shot. Kirk in his awesome gold shirt kicking ass with a red shirt cowering in front of him. Get up and die, you coward! Those crates look a bit explodey to me.

A blue uniform? *checks wiki*

Oh right. Science or medical. Ears don’t seem pointy so I’m hoping this is Bones. I love that miserable bastard. Also more red shirts. If this game doesn’t have a ‘Saved all the red shirts’ achievement I’m giving it 1/10. If it does have one it’s a 10/10. It’s as simple as that, Namco.

…and done!

Joking aside, this looks like it could be an awesome title. The Trek reboot movie was a great action flick and this could be an great follow up and prequel to the second reboot movie.







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