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Who’s off work then? Most of you until Tuesday at least, I bet. Check you out! Aren’t you lucky. Us student types get two weeks off. Just saying.

The bank holiday weekend is the perfect time to get some gaming in. The weather hasn’t got a clue what it’s doing lately, so I say the only plans that need to be made this weekend are which games to play, and how many chocolate eggs to eat. I’ve already planned out the articles and podcasts you should read and listen to, so don’t worry about that.

Console Arcade are the place to go if you want to know what’s happening on XBLA and PSN. They’ll keep you up to date on news, upcoming releases and their prices, and reviews. Check out Jamie Davies’ Shoot Many Robots review. Probably one of the best game titles of all time!

Shoot Many Robots Review

“There aren’t many games with titles that tell you exactly what you’ll be getting. But the title of Demiurge and Ubisoft’s latest, Shoot Many Robots, couldn’t be any more self-explanatory.

Main character P. Walter Tugnut (a name straight out of Mystery Science Theater 3000) is a little bit miffed when the nearby factory starts churning out murderous robots. The final straw being when one of them tries to steal his car and another dry humps his beloved RV. There’s a line that’s definitely been crossed, so Walter takes up arms to put an end to the problem the best way he knows how and paving the way for a some side scrolling shooting. Lots of it.”

PSN’s Journey has sparked much debate around the internet. With its simple yet elegant look and in some cases overwhelmingly emotional moments, it is a truly unique experience.  Have a read through Keith Murray’s review and then buy it.

Journey Review

“Journey, the latest title from thatgamecompany, starts with a baking hot sun, the heat radiating from it shimmering on the sand below. A cloaked figure, very reminiscent in style to a Bedouin, sits deep in apparent contemplation, awaiting the player to flick the controller into life and traverse this harsh terrain towards it’s final destination – a far away mountain. If any other title out there attempted to present such vague notions to a would-be players they would probably fail miserably, but the world in which Journey is set makes this an inviting and intriguing proposition.”

Pete Boyle and Matt Ramsey host an episode of Dork Tunes with a difference. Each track played is a classic gaming tune that has been covered by special guest, the very talented Jamie Maxwell.

Dork Tunes 007

“Noob and Matt present some more gaming classics, this time re-imagined by Jamie Maxwell (Unlikely Melody on Twitter). They also have a chat with Jamie, and get his views on video game music.”

If you’re still undecided on the PS Vita, why not take a look at Delb2K’s write up on the system and its features, it might help you make your mind up.

PlayStation Vita – The Verdict

“If the PSP was one thing, it was a very attractive piece of technology. Maybe not a massively successful software platform in the west but in terms of what ended up in gamers hands there could be few complaints (bar that horrendous analogue nub).  So its recently released successor, the Vita, has one aspect to emulate and another to improve upon. The first is to retain that badge of perceived quality, the overall sheen and shine of a product that wants whoever is using it to know the equipment is a class above.”

I want one so very much.

Over on Cane and Rinse, Darren Gargette talks about how he decided not to pay for Xbox LIVE when his Gold subscription ran out, and his experience of the free service that Xbox offers.

Going Silver

“At the time of writing this, Microsoft no longer consider the phrase “Silver” acceptable for non-paying members of Xbox Live. “Free” is the term and after seven years I have decided to go “Free”, and I am hopeful that this will be without regret.”

Issue Twenty-Four of the Cane and Rinse Podcast looks back at the haunting, challenging, downloadable hit LIMBO.

Issue Twenty-Four: LIMBO

“Multiple sinners Leon, Tony, Josh and Sean journey into the afterlife to revisit Playdead’s 2010 début, Limbo. We proffer some theories as to what the Hell is going on in the game, discuss our own experiences as well of those of our forumites and burn through a pyre of your Twitter Three Word Reviews.”

The spider… you never forget the part with the spider…







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