Frame Skip – Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The console based Ghost Recon games have always held a special place in my gaming heart. Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike was a real stand out title in the early days of Xbox Live. The progression to Advanced Warfighter came with my discovery of the amazing guys at Warfighters. I still have my Multi-Cam GHOST team patch stuck to my desk; it’s right there in front of me now. Anyway, I’ll shut up because there is a new game coming soon and with it a new trailer to talk about and it looks as cool as fuck!

We’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room; the ghosts always came across in the past as wholesome rule abiding peace keepers, saving the world one mission at a time while keeping the smart arse comments and quips to the regulation minimum level. Now they appear to be bad-ass motherfuckers. Case in point: capping this guy while wearing a snazzy blue augmented reality rig. We all cool with this change in attitude? I am. Let’s continue.

I need 10cc of screen jam, STAT!

Optical camo. Finally the Ghosts are living up to their name and a fitting start to a trailer that is all about cheating when you’re outnumbered… except he’s not actually outnumbered here. I think he’s just testing it works before going up against a huge bunch of terrorists.

Get away from her, you BITCH!

Some people might say that it’s a sorry state of affairs that that most young people these days know precisely what “Prepare to breach” means. Not me, though. I’m only mentioning it because in this trailer the Ghost forgo the use of det-cord, breaching charges or one of those white squares on a stick and kick the door in. A home grown, corn fed, organic breach. Nice.

Breach this!

We’ve seen the Ghost out breach Team Rainbow and for their next trick… out neck-snapping Sam Fisher. We are also reassured at this point that the Ghosts are only here for the bad guys by having them tell the endangered civilian that everything will be OK, although there might be a bit of a mess.


OK, now we really are cheating but there are a bunch of those guys and I’ll assume we only have a finite supply of those magic ‘nades. Then we’ll just need to use our night-vision/heat-vision/back-rockets/drones… wait, there haven’t been any of those back rockets from the announcement trailer… odd.

Outnumbered but not out gadgeted.

Running up to the end we get a face full of action finishing up with this cracking shot. I do try and avoid spoilers but that guy is getting it unless he has some kind of tire deflecting tech. He probably does. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Hey Steve, deploy your tire repelling backpack widget!

As the trailer says, we’ve got a fair few months to wait till this is with us but keep an eye out for the online multiplayer beta. I’ve played a few rounds of team deathmatch and it’s looking great.



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