As I type this I’m currently in an eBay war trying desperately to buy the Phoenix Wright games at a decent price. Why I ever parted with the first game I will never know. I have a bad habit of parting with rare games and then want them back further down the line. In the past I’ve been lucky when I was able to get such rare gems back like Legend of Legaia, Suikoden 2, Grandia, Shadow Hearts and Shenmue 2. I shall NEVER part with any of them again. But I do regret parting with Phoenix Wright.

I swear I will never part with a rare game again!

I remember when I bought Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. My then boyfriend picked a copy up from Gamestation where he worked and I was grinning all the way home knowing what awaited me. I had been researching the game because it was different from the other Nintendo DS games on the market. Being able to shout “Objection!” into the DS microphone seemed more exciting because you were interacting with the game more. You just had to be careful not to shout out on the train or bus. Thankfully there was the option for Phoenix shouting it instead of you.

I love the DS for those kind of features; that’s why it ranks as my number one handheld console. The variety of games is amazing and interaction with the DS is so much fun! But back to Phoenix! I was up all night, neglecting my university reading for the evening (which I did on the train journey the next morning and managed to get through the class!), shouting “Objection!” into the mic and being banned to our spare room by an angry boyfriend.

The series is full of great characters.

I completed the game after several weeks and sold it onto a friend. I should never have done such a stupid thing *bangs head* It is something I’ve regretted to this day because the first game is difficult to get hold of in retail. When I worked in GAME I was searching everyday in case a copy would arrive, but no such luck. Even now when I’m near a gaming shop I’ll pop in and have a look, but the first game is never available. And if they do have a copy its expensive or has no manual. Yes I’m that anal when it comes to buying second hand games! Wish me luck because I’m determined to get the whole collection before Christmas if I can. I will be a happy bunny if I do. Its a pity the series hasn’t been released into a special collection. What’s this?! I’ve been outbid again!






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