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Here it comes. The mad rush. Even if you’re the type who starts and finishes your present shopping early you won’t be able to avoid the crazy that comes every December. It’s not possible to just quickly pop into Asda for bread, milk and Red Bull and escape without being bashed into by someone with a trolley full of brandy and mince pies. So why not put it off and take a look at what’s been going on on the Character Select network. You can survive without toast and caffeine for a little while longer… probably…

Issue ten of the Cane and Rinse Podcast is up and features Leon, Jay, Josh and Sean who are joined by our editor in chief Dan. This issue focuses on Bastion, one of the highest rated downloadable titles of this year.

The Cane and Rinse Podcast: Issue ten

In James Carter’s feature ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Day’ he talks about how some of his favourite games have given him many, many hours of playtime because of his desire to explore every last inch of them.

Slow and Steady Wins the Day

“How do you play games? It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? The most facetious of answers I can think of is “With a controller, idiot!”. Moving swiftly along, let us also side-step any discussions about Harcore versus Casual; so often these terms are used to separate “real” partakers of digital, interactive & computerised knick-knacks (we’ll need an acronym for the sake of brevity and ease of categorisation) from the… imaginary gamers?”

Console Arcade’s latest reviews are Trouble Witches Neo, an SNK shmup on XBLA, by Keith Murray, and Okabu, an environmentally focused title on PSN, by Jamie Davies.

Trouble Witches Neo!

“The last time SNK Playmore released a shmup on Xbox Live Arcade, it was the abysmal King of Fighters: sky Stage, a game that provoked an outpouring of abuse in the comments thread of this very site. While those comments never saw the light of day, it did serve to illustrate just (and how can we put this delicately) `fanatical` some Shmup fans seem to be about the genre.”


“At a time when we’re constantly being reminded how everything we do is seemingly destroying our environment, Okabu isn’t the first (and certainly won’t be the last) title to build on that theme.”

In Mattharrier’s latest blog he describes how in games where the characters he plays aren’t created by him, he still finds it possible to bring an element of his own personal choice and reasoning to the things they do.

Red Dead RPG

“Role Playing Games. RPGs. Games in which you develop a character over the course of the game, increasing attributes, learning new skills, and shaping the nature of your character. In many games, however, that character is, due to the open-ended nature that is required, often a mute, practically faceless person, with very little in the way of personality – otherwise, it would prove difficult to conform to one’s personal image of what that character should be.”

Cassandra “Sassy” Corgard has written up a rather entertaining piece on her experiences at a Skyrim midnight launch.

Skyrim Midnight Release – A Night to Remember

“It was around noon on Thursday that I started seeing tweets from Brits who had received their copies of Skyrim. I sat at work as the clock ticked by the time at a pace that would make a turtle seem like a speed demon. Seeing those tweets was not helping, but I couldn’t stop myself from reading them. I was actually enjoying the build up of anticipation.”

Thought I'd leave you with a Skyrim screenshot. Just because.






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