Oh my! You’re pixin’ GORGEOUS!

My original plan was to write a piece regarding the latest news within the gaming world. It was going to be tasteful and jam-packed full of goods. Then I decided to not just lower the tone, but to completely destroy it.

As we are very much aware, many female characters are normally really sexy, voluptuous women with fabulous boobs and teeny tiny waists. Coupled with skin tight clothing (or dressed in hair in Bayonetta’s case) and built with the ability to do some humanly impossible moves, the femme fatales are ready to go.

With this in mind I would like to take the time to perv on the male characters. I don’t think there is enough emphasis on the male form in games. It seems as long as they can hold a gun, punch really hard or drive like a pro no one focuses on the fact that sometimes they are pretty hot. But yes it isn’t always about looks (I suppose). The characters I seem to be drawn to are normally tortured souls or battle hardened men who have the difficult task of deciding between doing what’s right for them and what’s right for the cause while (sometimes) trying to either impress or save the girl. So without further ado, please find below my list of the most eligible male game characters that I’ve had the pleasure to play with… excuse the pun.

My true gaming love will always be Ryu from Street Fighter. For years he was always the one that my friends and I would choose out of him and Ken. Recently Ryu’s look has been slightly tweaked, and Ken’s revamp in Street Fighter IV has definitely made me look twice, but Ryu will always be yummy to me.


Next for me would be good ol’ Dominic Santiago from the Gears of War series. I’m not a massive fan of guys who have muscles on top of their muscles, but what  won me over is his determination to find his wife, Maria, in GOW2. I gotta say that any storyline which involves a guy who could kill you in 176 different ways but just wants to find and protect his woman always gets my attention.

Finally, this is a little out there, like the rest of the blog, I guess, but just hear me out. Unfortunately you never get to see him but you do get to speak with him and I find his voice… fascinating. In Need for Speed: Most Wanted you get to encounter a guy called Rog who from time to time calls to give advice and congratulate you after certain races are completed. I actually looked forward to his calls and dare I say I even blushed a couple of times.

And there we have it. You have now been exposed to the weird and wonderful part of my brain and I hoped you enjoyed just a smattering of the game characters I think are hot. Now I’m sure there’s a few hunky guys I’ve missed and I’d love to read about what pixelated guys (and girls) you like.






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  1. Jean avatar

    Aww! 🙂 My first and only love will always be Sub-Zero. Not the original one, but his younger brother, Kuai Liang. Chris Redfield’s revamped look is pretty smokin’ too, and I’ve recently taken a liking to Dante.

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