It's a good feeling.

It is that day, my friends. This is not just any day – oh no! Today is THE day. It is that day which many may cower in fear of while others drop to their knees and raise their hands to the sky in joyous celebration. The day where beer and wine and vodka flows freely betwixt parched lips across the country with merriment and worry draped over all who grip tightly to their drink. I was one of merriment, however. For this day, as I speak to you fine people, is the day that I AM FREE.

For the first time in nearly two decades I am free of the tyranny of full time education. That is right, my friends. I am now exiting the darkness of University and stepping bleary eyed into the world of unemployment and poverty. Why the happiness then? I hear you ask in hushed tones; because now there are video games. Nothing but video games.

We all know of this great feeling! For some it’s the weekend, for others it is the summer holidays, and even for some tragic few it is limited to the Christmas period – but we all know that feeling where you are totally free to game in whatever fashion you desire without the need for guilt. You don’t have work which you really should get around to, you don’t have to think about packing for moving back to University and you don’t have any family commitments which must be fulfilled under punishment of tedious nagging.

This is now my time, friends. I’m currently stuck in that beautiful limbo that is between student life and actual employment. Well, I’m not so much stuck as I am sipping a mojito in a rocking chair, gazing longingly into the distance, with Andrew W.K. blaring out of a nearby sound system with a huge smirk on my face. Not even lying, right now I’m listening to Andrew W.K. – I don’t care that all the songs sound the same because I like the one song! All I have to do right now is sit around, likely in whatever clothes I wore yesterday and to bed, and play some games. I have the FREEDOM!

Here is a visual example of my inner feelings right now.

I’ve been meaning to finally play and complete Half Life, I received Dead Island two days early, I’ve had L.A. Noire sitting on my shelf still sealed since July 6th, I’m not even ranked on Starcraft 2 anymore and my Steam library contains Dino D-Day with zero hours clocked on it. DINO FREAKIN’ D-DAY! (special shout out to Dan for sending me that, by the way. Expect many words written about it after I’m done celebrating here!). The only limits upon me are how many hours I’m able to stay awake to play all of these wondrous experiences. For those who know me, you know my level of caffination, but for those who don’t I likely drink enough on a weekly basis to kill most human beings. I’m almost the Charlie Sheen of caffeine.

Anyway, it feels fantastic to be back into the world of gaming and writing and out of the world of strict deadlines, biased tutors and irritating textbooks. This has been a very self-masturbatory blog about my newly acquired FREEDOM, I’m well aware of this and I apologise, but I just had to get all of the feelings out. I hope soon you will feel as I do now, very soon in fact, and that when you do you shall raise your controller of choice into the air and cry FREEDOM! Or at least come play Dino D-Day with me. Anyone? It’s NAZI DINOSAURS! How can you turn that down? Add me on Steam. Seriously… FREEDOM!





3 responses to “FREEDOM!”

  1. Gregg Cabe Bond avatar
    Gregg Cabe Bond

    Caffeine is the only way I make it to lunch time without killing anyone. My tolerance is so high I can consume enough coffee to take down a bull elephant and barely a raised pulse or eyebrow.

    Welcome to the world of the B-People.

  2. Duncan avatar

    Mark: If I had access to that .GIF before I wrote this I would totally have found a way to put it in. 😉

    Gregg: Th… Thank you? I already have the caffeine well and truly covered though. Of that I can assure you. XD

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