No Pain, No Game.

We hurt ourselves daily. It’s something that happens. A scratch, a blister, a fall… a broken bone. We can be accident prone. But how about gaming injuries? I certainly have had my fair share of them. When I played Final Fantasy VIII I developed a blister on my right thumb from pressing the square button so much! But man, it did Boost my GFs, so was worth it. My most recent gaming injury was again a blister, but this time it was on the palm of my right hand! “In the palm of your hand!?” I hear you cry. Yes, in the palm of my right hand. People still chuckle at me when I tell them the cause and I shall tell you too cause you look like you won’t laugh at me. It was all because of Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince. You have to make potions in the game and one of the ways to make the potion was to turn the right analogue stick as fast as you could. And the only way I could do it was with the palm of my hand… STOP LAUGHING!!

Would this really result from over using the Nintendo Wii? Or is it a scare tactic?

My godson walked in front of my uncle while he was playing Wii bowling and was smacked in the head, my brother jumped and fell onto one of my mum’s lamps while playing Wii tennis and my cousin hit her friend while playing Kinect Adventures. We sometimes get so caught up in games it can lead to an injury. Accidents do happen. We can’t always blame games. Some incidents can sometimes be funny, however, there are some serious injuries. But are the games at fault? Of course not. To me, it’s down to the individual. If you feel sore after playing the Wii or Kinect, then take a rest. With any computer game, take rest when needed. Have a drink or something to eat. Stop playing games for the day, otherwise you could hurt yourself. Good old common sense; anything used in excessive amounts is likely to harm us.

Xbox knows when you're getting tired.





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  1. Arkayla avatar

    The only way a Wii caused that woman that injury is if someone hit her with one!

    I’ve smacked my sister in the face playing wii sports tennis, and she hit me as a result of some facet of (I think) Mario and Sonic at the Olypics, I am also familiar with ‘beat em up blisters’ on my left thumb and aching trigger fingers from assorted racing games. These are entirely my own fault for not stopping when i know I should but you know what? I don’t care 🙂

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