E3 and Me: Give it to me NOW

E3 to me is all about giving you tiny morsels of gaming treats to get you all hot and excited. This year’s E3 did not disappoint. I warn you now that I shall be spending this time to have a mini gush over the games I cannot wait to play, so if you do no to want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside from excitement, I suggest you stop reading. If however, warm and fuzzy is for you, then please step this way.

Okay so the first game I would like to drool over is Street Fighter x (cross) Tekken. I could literally pinch myself to see this game being released. Although the final line up has yet to be confirmed, from browsing the internet it appears that Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Kazuya Mishima, King and Nina Williams will feature within the game. Due for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2012 (I want it NOW!), this does appear to be a game which could topple all other fighters before it.

Need for Speed have been one of those franchises that have only interested me when it didn’t do driving simulators. Lucky for me Need for Speed: The Run appears to be another Most Wanted but with a more intense twist. Due for release on 17th November 2011, your aim is to race from San Francisco to New York. By winning the race you advance and survive, but if you lose you die. The concept does seem pretty interesting and I must say I am intrigued as to how the ‘you lose, you die’ will be portrayed.

Next onto The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As with all the games within the Zelda series, you follow Link as he discovers his true destiny to save the world from dark forces using the Skyward Sword he finds. For those who have played any of the Zelda games, it does seem that we will not be disappointed with the next instalment so fingers crossed it doesn’t get tweaked too much before its release later this year.

And last but by no means least I have to mention Gears of War 3. I could literally write a blog about how excited I am about this game… oh wait I have! But this time I’ll just mention the new features for Horde mode. Using the idea used in tower defence games, you can buy various upgradeable items to help delay enemy advances. Also after each set of 10 waves, you get the chance to fight a boss monster such as Brumaks. Now to sit and wait for 20th September 2011 to come around and I’ll be a happy chicken.

Right that’s my mini gush over (phew). As all of my games are not due out for a while, I shall take this time to re-watch various clips and save my pennies. If anyone would like to give to the ‘Sarah-Lou NEEDS these games’ fund, then please donate generously.






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    Street Fighter x Tekken will be awesome and I will fail at it!

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