Holy Sidekicks, Batman!

Every hero has a sidekick. Doctor Who had many, Batman had Robin and Tony Blair had Gordon Brown. Some we love and some we despise. They bring comic relief, frustration and sometimes annoying catchphrases. The sidekick is the one who gets the abuse and doesn’t always get credit for helping the hero. Tough job, but someone has to do it.

Oh crumbs!

Without a sidekick, the hero would be vulnerable and wouldn’t be able to complete their journey without someone who is willing to help carry the loot and take stray bullets. Not all are annoying; some are better than the actual superhero. I may upset some people now, but Cloud from Final Fantasy VII springs to mind. Cloud is one of my least favourite protagonists because of his personality. I’m not going to go deeply into it because we will be here all day. For a lead character who I need to control for three disks and many hours, he is not very likeable. His companions were more likeable, different and fun. Barret and Cid with their swearing, wise Red XIII, sexy Vincent, adorable Caith Sith and Tifa with her… fists. A good old team of misfits.

The Final Fantasy VII crew

Sidekicks come in all shapes and sizes, races and technologies. One of my favourites is good old Teddie from Persona 4. Apart from being a cute and cuddly talking bear (how awesome is that?!), Teddie is a character who has to overcome his own doubts and existence in order to realise his full abilities and strengths. And as soon as that happens he becomes a strong, confident member of your party who is always willing to put a smile on your face and defend you at the drop of a hat.

"What a Teddie-ous fight!"

So next time you want to kill Navi for shouting “LISTEN!” at you or you want to disown your dog in Fable for randomly running around instead of attacking someone, just remember that sidekicks need our support. We rely on them to help us and back us up in conversations and in battle. Instead of shouting abuse at our pixelated companions, try and remember that they are pixels too, with feelings… kinda. And then there is JarJar Binks. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a person who liked him! I’m sure they are a rare breed.

"Mesa hated?"






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