Accessorise! Knit Your Own Monster DS Case

When I bought my shiny, shiny 3DS, I was very disappointed at the range of cases available. The range was not only limited, but pretty damn ugly. You have the hold-all that can carry styluses, several games and wraps your 3DS in several layers of padding, but if you’re like me you barely have space in your bag for such a huge thing. There’s a little beagle case, with the ‘cute’ face of a dog on it, but it’s not so much cute as creepy. Then there are the stylish ‘leather’ cases that you can strap your 3DS in, much like a snazzy PDA, but why don’t they have any that actually match the colour of the 3DS?! Of course there are DS Lite cases which will still fit the 3DS, but somehow they just seem dull or a bit expensive.

Anyway, after getting annoyed and then going without a case for a bit before realising I should at least have a sock for it, I decided I should just make my own! Being a knitter and a gamer is great — one raid of my scrap yarn box turned up a perfect ball of fluffy blue yarn. I knitted myself a ‘monster’ 3DS case complete with goggly eyes. A quick project and while he looks like he’s digesting the 3DS, he’s really protecting it from scratches and giving the shiny surface a little TLC.

3DS Monster Case
Made to fit the Nintendo 3DS but will also fit the DSi and the DS Lite.
Gauge: 20 stitches X 20 rows in garter stitch = 8.5cm X 4.5cm
Knitted using 3.75mm needles using WHIZZ DK in Blue, but any fluffy yarn will work. Used around half of a 50g ball.
Additional equipment: Pop fastener, 15mm screwback goggly eyes (mine were purchased from eBay)
Knitted in garter stitch because stitches don’t really matter — you can’t see them under all the fluff.

Layout and measurements of case when laid flat.

Cast on 48 stitches.
Work 62 rows.
Row 63: Cast off 26 stitches and knit to end. (22 stitches remain)
Continue working these 22 stitches for flap.
Knit 42 rows.
Cast off.
Sew around edges with a firm backstitch, leaving flap free.
Sew one side of pop fastener to flap, one side to body.
Optional: Add goggly eyes. You can also sew on some white felt ‘teeth’ or a pink felt ‘tongue’ if you wish!

Om nom nom!






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