The Ready Up Podcast – Episode 8

Episode 8: Dan Bendon, Kirsten Kearney and Anthony Pounds-Cornish get together after a short delay to wax on about DC Universe Online, Stacking, The Saboteur and much more.

Final Musing: Martin Robertson
News Headlines: Ready Up Junior Amber

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Show links:
VS Scotland Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Launch Party, Glasgow
Gamerdork’s Dorkapalooza – 9th – 10th July, 2011
Killzone 3 Ultimate Recruit E3 Competition

Theme and featured music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.






5 responses to “The Ready Up Podcast – Episode 8”

  1. DeltorroElSorrow avatar

    iPod material, I have to walk somewhere tomorrow and this will be coming in my ears.

    That doesn’t sound right.

  2. Martin avatar

    Thoroughly enjoyed that, kept me up waaay past my bedtime. My lasting memory of Podcast 8 shall be “jobbie monster”!

  3. DeltorroElSorrow avatar

    Bloody long podcast guys, I’ve not even finished listening.

    I’m with Foxus, Event Horizon (while being a brilliant film) scared me silly. I don’t find Dead Space scary though.

  4. Leon Cox avatar
    Leon Cox

    Aw, thanks for plugging Dorkapalooza guys! x

  5. Anthony avatar

    @DeltorroElSorrow I did think it was an excellent movie, I’d watch it again if I thought I could afford the cleaning bill.

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