Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball

I’m really pleased I get to review Marvel Pinball. I’m talking genuinely, smile smeared across my face happy about it. Why? Because not only do I love pinball (and subsequently, pinball games) but I also have been blessed with… NO! NO NO NO NO NO! Am I seriously doing this for a third time? You bet I’m doing this for the third time!

I’m not missing out on an opportunity to talk about Pinball FX 2 again, and subsequently the new tables which have just been released for it. As I know that the big readers for this review will be after the juicy Marvel information let me break down who’s involved in this: Wolverine, Blade, Spider Man and Iron Man. So if you’re still chomping at the bit to get your hands on some Captain America pinball action you’re just going to have to keep waiting (Zen Studios, if you’re watching, please make it happen).

Don’t let that make this review sound negative, you would be STUNNED how far these four tables can go. The Iron Man table took quite a large chunk of my time away, I don’t dare count the hours I missed out on other work and Black Ops commitments, but the graphics and physics engine are just such an absolute pleasure to spend an afternoon with that it’s hard to put the controller down. Zen Studios have matched the themes of each Marvel character wonderfully. Wolverine’s table is gritty and vicious, Iron Man was bright and high tech, Spider Man is colourful and fast paced and of course Blade is a little dark with plenty for the eye to take in.

There are some MARVELOUS (sorry, tried to hold out, just wasn’t going to happen) little touches, though, that really put a smile on my face. It’s probably happened a good 50-60 times already but I still get a smirk spread across my face whenever I play the Spider Man table and get to watch the ball come out of the Spider Man hand’s wrist and roll through the raised rails it’s attached to. Oh! And if you are able to light Iron Man up (you’ll understand after I convince you to purchase these tables) then if you’re not tempted to give yourself a self-five then it may be time to seriously reconsider why you get out of bed in the morning.

Lets keep this final paragraph simple: gamers like fun games, people like reading awesome comics, and Marvel Pinball delivers to both fan-bases by being fun and awesome. Can we get much simpler than that? I’m pretty sure we can’t. Now if you will all join in me in raising a glass and asking Zen Studios: Please, keep more coming! You’re doing a superb job!







7 responses to “Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball”

  1. Darach avatar

    Ok. Very cool. I’ll download the trials as soon as I get home.

  2. Mark P avatar

    What no Deadpool? No Paste Pot Pete? I am DISGUST.

  3. Duncan avatar

    I remain hopeful for Marvel Pinball 2. 😉

  4. Optimus Pints avatar
    Optimus Pints

    You want to see the real world iron man 2 table…I cried at the beauty.

    Hmm, Might give it a try after i buy xmen arcade on XBLA. The street fighter was great though, although it’s a bugger to try and spell AKUMA 😛

  5. Joe F avatar
    Joe F

    Couldn’t wait for it to be released. Downloaded it that night. Best 10 bucks I’ve spent maybe EVER! Absolute BLAST to play! MUST. STOP. CAN’T. STOP.

  6. Jake avatar

    I love these tables. You can vote for which tables you want next at – choose from Captain America (take note, Dunc), Hulk, Fantastic 4 and Ghost Rider…


  7. Duncan avatar


    We must get it done…

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