I’d imagine we’ve all had at least one moment where we’ve dreamed of becoming a video game character. Whether it be for the powers they possess, the life they lead, the world they live in or the way they look. Re-creating a character’s look is nothing new, of course; cosplay is huge all over the world. Ready Up’s own Fran is well known for her many excellent Ulala cosplay outfits. But for 25 year old freerunner, Josh, it’s actually happening. He is becoming a game character.

One person. Three weeks. Total transformation. One lucky real person is being transformed into a game character. Haircut, piercing, tattoo, clothing, the works and then placed into the game itself.

Stage 2 - The haircut

To celebrate the launch of APB: All Points Bulletin, Josh will be getting an extreme make-over. His San Paro style hair, clothes, even a piercing and tattoo will all be decided on by public votes. Once the transformation is complete, Josh’s character look will be launched into the game.


To have your say on the next stage, stage 4 – the tattoo, go to www.thehumanavatar.com and cast your vote. Use it wisely, this is an important decision, as obviously Josh will have to live with it for the rest of his life. There is no tribal facial tattoo choice, though. Shame. I guess I’ll vote for the back wings, instead.