Toy Story 3 The Video Game themed Playday

Wednesday 4 August is this year’s Playday. Playday is the annual celebration of children’s right to play. On the day, and throughout the summer, all over the country, various community events will be taking place, getting kids outdoors having fun. As well as being a celebration, Playday helps to raise awareness of some of the issues that can affect children’s playtime.

This year’s Playday campaign is called ‘Our Place’. Its aim is to get the message out that kids need outside space where they can feel free to just play. A safe, suitable area to run around , shout and let off steam. There are so many reasons why parents would love to keep their kids inside, wrapped up in cotton wool, but then they’re never gonna get the chance to climb  a tree, kick a ball around or stretch their arms out as wide as possible, run as fast as their legs will allow, making aeroplane noises.

Anyone can create a local Playday event event; Playday even offers free resources to people who are interested in setting one up. And to celebrate the release of Toy Story 3 The Video Game, Disney have teamed up with Play England and partners to offer communities the chance to win a Toy Story themed Playday event.

This fantastic prize will land the lucky winner £2,000 towards their Playday event, game pods so guests can play Toy Story 3 The Video Game, and Disney’s help to plan and arrange the whole day. Three runners up will also receive £500 towards the set-up of a Playday event.

To enter the competition go to and simply describe in no more than 500 words why your community deserves a Toy Story Playday. Good luck!







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