Solving Life’s Problems With A Push Of A Button!

Are you tired of the same old outcome to life’s everyday nuisances?

Are you tired of people shouting abuse at you in the street for absolutely no reason?

Are you overdue a pay rise or after that well deserved promotion?

If so then maybe you should try the Mass Effect 2 Renegade Right Trigger button!

The Renegade Right Trigger button is a handy device that allows you to do the things you wished you had the courage to do. When asked by a beggar in the street if you have any spare change, the average person might ignore him… or even give him change.  With the Renegade button, all thought of compassion or charity is removed – you may even end up with the beggar’s change.  Is a conductor asking to punch your ticket? Punch him in the face! Does a publican say it’s ‘kicking out time’?  Kick out his teeth, steal his alcohol, sleep with his hot 22 year old daughter you caught eyeing you up earlier and then burn down his pub.

You’ll find you sort out all those morally troubling situations in a jiffy with your very own Renegade Right Trigger button!

That postman will never be late again!
That postman will never forget to deliver your parcel again!

But don’t believe us, believe our satisfied customers:  “My boyfriend was, like totally, being a mega douche and refusing to do anything around the house! Well with a simple purchase of the Renegade Right Trigger button this was soon a thing of the past! Now he instantly becomes my obedient slave within a matter of seconds. Because he totally knows that I’ll e-mail his mum a detailed Internet history with some choice pictures if he doesn’t. Now he washes the dishes, tidies the flat and he even cleans out Mr Kittiesworth’s litter tray. Watch how the TV remote control mysteriously reappears again. It is like totally the best thing I have ever bought, I use it more than my peroxide hair dye!”

And it’s not just for boyfriends or girlfriends. The Renegade button can also make you forget the bond of unconditional love you have for your children, as Margaret found out: “Little Timmy was constantly badgering me for the newest and most expensive toy on the market. He was being a right little shit! So, I decided not to stand for his crap anymore and used the Renegade Right Trigger button! I took all of his belongings, put them in the post and sent them to those poor children in Africa.  Including his dog.  Now when Christmas rolls around again, I won’t worry about what Santa will bring.  I just watch him cower away under a battered cardboard box holding his knees to his chest and whimpering softly to himself… That’s right Timmy, you heard me, ungrateful little bastard.”

So if Parcelforce fail to deliver an important package in time, with the Renegade Button – you’ll be able to push them though the letterbox.  The next time someone says something less than complimentary about your footwear, you’ll be able to crush their windpipe.  And if someone keeps looking at you funny… blind them, with hot pokers or let a rabid wild cat loose on their face. Let your creativity run wild!

The Renegade Right Trigger button – Solving all of life’s little problems with the push of a button!mass effect advertWtriggereffect

Warning: Renegade Right Trigger button may incure loss of friendships, relationships and life.







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