Cross at the Sign

All hail Pat Laffaye, the man who has broken the Frogger high score set in an episode of Seinfeld. Here is a man who should be commended for setting the highest score ever, and yet the gaming blog collective has been covered with pictures of that fat bald guy from the show instead of Pat’s smiling pink face.
Look at him, so happy.
Look at him, so happy.

Why is Seinfeld so popular? I have never understood it, each episode seems to be a tedium of very little happening, and yet even I have seen the infamous Frogger episode where George Contanza racks up an impressive score before the console is hit by a truck. I guess this must be an episode of choice for re-run TV channels.

As far as I am concerned the Seinfeld ‘high score’ was a pretty minor event in the life of man. For a start it wasn’t real, and it doesnt quite rank up there with mass extinctions, or horrific acts of terror, it was just a bit of mundane TV… and yet it is everywhere. Damn all the people (like me) who have put fingers to keyboards and bashed out the name of that show. Damn all the people who have hosted pictures of actors making fictional gaming trivia scores.

I demand that Pat gets the real attention he deserves. I want to know his story behind the score, how long did it take him, how pleased was he to get such an amazing score, and why the hell was he still playing Frogger when so many better games now exist? But all I can read about is Seinfeld, and maybe that is what he wanted, his name immortalised along with TV elites… suddenly I feel myself losing respect for the guy, another soul lost to the world of their sitting room.







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  1. arc14716 avatar

    Up until you wrote this blog, I had completely forgot about that particular Seinfeld episode. As a whole, I never really did care for the series except when they started hyping that the series was coming to an end and that this was one of the last five episodes of Seinfeld ever. That point, I started taping those episodes, including the very last one . . . which was kind of a letdown after all that hype. Couldn’t they have let them have a happy ending, but noooo-ooooo!!!

    Anyway, sorry for that rant. And you’re right, this guy should’ve had some recognition or even some mention. I haven’t even heard about this happening on this side of the world.

  2. Simon avatar

    I hadn’t heard of that episode of Seinfeld, and I quite like the show, when I’ve been able to catch an odd episode. It sounds like something I would like to watch though…..George cracks me up.

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