Pay It Again, Sam

There are several things I swore I’d never do in my gaming career, and then went on to do. I swore I wouldn’t buy another 360 rather than wait for the existing one to be repaired.  I swore I wouldn’t pay the extortionate price Microsoft wanted for a 60gb hard drive for the 360. And I swore I wouldn’t buy a game I already own again.

It was going so well until The God Of War Collection for PS3 came along, you see. I loved God of War on PS2, and the sequel also filled me with violent joy. Many a happy hour was spent disembowelling, decapitating, de-winging and otherwise battering seven shades of shit out of copious numbers of mythological monsters. I still have both games sitting merrily on my game shelf. And with God of War III on the horizon, there’s no better way to reacquaint myself with my good (if slightly grumpy) buddy Kratos, than by dusting them off and giving them another play through.

Ha! Right in your fat face!
Ha! Right in your fat face!

Only one key element was missing – the Playstation 2. As I had a launch day PS3 – you know, the extra shiny monolith complete with card slots and backwards compatibility – I had happily donated my old PS2 to a needy forumer quite some time ago. In hindsight, this may have been a mistake, as I found out when my PS3 failed, and was quickly replaced with a PS3 slim. It’s smaller, lighter, more efficient – and doesn’t play PS2 games. My chances of playing God of War I and II before III were looking slimmer than a book called “Jordan’s Great Wit”.

"Are you looking at my bird?"
"Are you looking at my bird?"

And then, at my darkest hour, I got wind of The God of War Collection. Both games, graphically tarted up (not the exact words from Sony’s press release), given Trophy support and slapped on to one Blu Ray disc. Perfect. Despite myself, I was ready to do the unthinkable, and invest again. Once again, however, Fate stepped in; the Collection wasn’t coming to Europe, but instead would be bundled in with a special edition of God of War III. This, of course, is as much use as a chocolate teapot for someone like me who wants to play them before the release of III.

This was the moment I did something else I’ve never done, and ordered it on import. A bit of research on the internet confirmed the fact that Playstation 3 consoles, although region locked for DVD and Blu Ray movies, are not so for games. One quick purchase at CD-WOW later, and I am now the proud owner of a US copy of the God of War Collection.

Only one more hurdle stands between me and the epic tales of Kratos now, and it’s the sort of Herculean challenge that even the big white and red man himself would cower in fear at – awaiting delivery from Royal Mail during one of the snowiest periods of the year.

The Gods can be so cruel sometimes.







6 responses to “Pay It Again, Sam”

  1. Zoey avatar

    I’ve now bought Banjo Kazooie on the N64 and 360 along with having Fairytale Fights on the PS3 and still buying it on the 360. I also bought Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 on PS2 and Xbox. I think it’s ok unless you become one of these people that buy a 360 game and then buy it in Games for Windows format too. That’s when you need to seek help, and accept you’ve taken achievements that little bit too far.

  2. Ben avatar

    I own Left 4 Dead on 360 and PC, Oblivion on 360 and PC and also have two copies of Half Life 2 (original release and Orange Box). I’ve also got Burnout Paradise on 360 and PC (bought for £4 in Steam sale recently).

  3. Markatansky avatar

    I have ESIII: Morrowind on Xbox, GOTYE on PC and GOTYE on Steam aswell. I bought it twice on the same platform! :Z

  4. Barry avatar

    Going back a couple of console generations, back when I was playing on a PAL version of Tekken 3 then hopelessly trying to compete with players on the arcade version. I imported a US copy especially, as the difference in speed was an incredible 20% (UK 50mhz : US 60mhz).

    I didn’t have a US PS1 though, so I would do the coverted discswap technique to play it. This wasn’t what a playstation was built for as the blutac eventually finds it’s way into the innards of the machine >.<

  5. Celeste avatar

    I still have the PS1. You don’t give PlayStation hardware away lest you want the gaming gods to taunt you with headshots for the rest of your ‘gaming career’.

    Anyway, I hear you’re quite partial to the PS3 slim. Takes the place of that frumpy, badly-dressed washout any day of the year, that’s what you say, isn’t it?. ;p

  6. Simon avatar

    Right in the fat face! Fantastic! That guy didn’t see that coming. Love God of War. Love it.

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