Playing with my Wii

As I teed off for another round of golf I noticed all too late that the wind was not in my favour. This caused a momentary lapse in my concentration and I swung too forcefully. Everything went wrong. The powerbar leapt to the max and turned red as it waved at me mockingly. My ball sailed off into the expanse of sky, all predefined direction lost to the wind from such a skill-less launch. It finally plummeted looking promising for a moment and then bouncing straight into the water hazard.

I carried on, not one to be defeated by a childish game of Wii Sports, but my score racked up as I became increasingly tense. No matter what I tried it seemed that the hole was mocking me. My golf ball rolled past it, bounced out of it or toyingly jumped over it. Finally I managed to get it in but my score for the round was through the roof with little chance of solace. All the other players quietly gloated to themselves that I now posed no threat to them, and all of this was fine, until it went too far.

The eloquent cry of ‘Meh, that was crap’ came from behind me, and as I turned I was greeted with a ‘bet you continue to do that badly all night, hah’. That was it. I am a grown woman, I have not lived this long simply to be thrown back to the childish smirks of the playground. If I wished to be taunted I would strut into an under sixteens’ disco wearing leg warmers and shake my booty whilst yelling about how hot and young I am. But I did not do this, all I did was invite some friends round and try to enjoy an evening of gentle sporting. I had expected better from them.

Having been chastised in this manner I refused to play any more, sitting out in a pious manner sipping my wine and saying that I would not rise to this. I knew that I could and should have ignored it and continued to play like the adult I am, but I did not. I wonder quietly to myself when exactly it was that playing with my Wii made me a child again, and not in a good way. I personally blame Nintendo for making something so easy going and fun. If you think back to any easy going fun points of life there were always sulks and pouts to accompany it. Children are so silly, and so in true childish style I am of course over it now and looking forward to teeing off with the best of them again this evening.







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  1. Tony avatar

    Oh dear, sounds like you were not a happy bunny.

    I would have called this post “Wii are not amused”

    Can I have a job at The Sun now?

  2. CrunchbiteJr (John) avatar
    CrunchbiteJr (John)

    How about “Tii-ing off!”

    It can be Sun tiem naow?

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