Doing it for the kids

Shaz (Ready Up) & Joe (DS: London)As part of the London’s Game Festival, DS: London attempted to rally all Nintendo portable lovers for a record break attempt, “The most number of people playing DS at the same time”. I personally came to help make one extra number and also to catch up with a good friend, Joe a.k.a thiswayup (DS: London organiser).

A little history for you here folks, some members of Ready-Up used to be active members of the UK Fragdoll forums (until Ubisoft decided to shut it down *sob*). In the past we had arranged quarterly meet up collaborations with DS: London. Oh they were such good times and reminiscing about them with Joe reminded me, I haven’t organised the first Ready Up community meet still! A task that is long overdue and it shall be met next year, so keep an eye out!

Back on track, there was intense wi-fi action happening in the Rocket Centre at London Metropolitan University. From the good old Mario Kart DS, Tetris, Brain Training, Bomberman DS and more. Everyone came together for casual to competitive playing. Tournaments of Tetris were held and projected on the big screen. Some people were lucky to win themselves shirts, games and accessories from £150 worth of prizes!

Without hesitation I got stuck into multiplayer gaming and boy, I think due to the packed up room with hundreds of DS’s, games got laggy! Although I did get quite a good amount of Mario Karting here and there. The room had a lot of interesting customised hardware and I just had to go take some pictures. Classic colours to the new, custom printed skins, stickers, imported cases, some really paired with their owner’s personality. Why had I not thought about dressing up my Nintendo handheld before?! Next time you’ll find my DS all “Shazzed” up hehe.

Now unfortunately we didn’t break the world record but instead set a national one. 133 people in the UK came together to play DS. Perhaps we were a bit too adventerous for world record but at least we’ve started up a national one. So next time UK, I want to see Nintendo dedication! That aside the day was still fantastic for DS players to get together and meet new friends and rivals. With kids and adults alike we all had one thing in common, we <3 portable gaming. Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end? Bringing people together, I was definitely happy to meet all of you out there.

Last but not least, one thing I’ve always been proud of with passionate gamers are ones with a heart. The day event was also helping to raise money for Children In Need. The event raised £112 and I’d like to thank everyone who donated. Even with exciting prospects of setting world records in gaming, above all else; helping towards making a difference for others is a lifelong achievement. A record like that is unbeatable.







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    Was a great day 🙂

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    Yup. Sure was.

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