Panic stations!

Ok, I have always been the type of gamer that likes to obliterate one game before moving onto the next, playing maybe a maximum of two games at the same time. This way of gaming has generally done me fine thus far but now Microsoft have really ruined my plan. On my 360 alone I am currently playing Soul Calibur IV, Viva Piñata TIP, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Infinite Undiscovery and various arcade games! Add in a few other games on other platforms and it’s chaos. I simply don’t have the time to play everything and with Lego Batman a couple of days away things are set to get even more hectic!

It’s not that I mind that from now until year end there is such an amazing line-up of games coming on various platforms but for those of us who enjoy a variety of game genres having a little more breathing space would be nice. As previously mentioned by Lorna, there is of course the option of not rushing out to buy everything the second it’s released but for a lot of us really passionate gamers we just can’t see sense in this! As I generally fund my gaming purchases by constantly trading in I just can’t cope with the onslaught of fabulous gaming titles – it’s draining my wallet and my social life at an alarming rate.

With so many exciting titles just sitting on the horizon I wonder how I can possibly cope with them all but in the end I think I, along with with many other gamers may need to use this time to learn a lesson in patience. We can play them all – just ease the panic and remember that not all games need to be played instantly. There’s always the post Xmas period of traditional gaming release deadness so let’s all calm down and start saving for those January sales!







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  1. Skill avatar

    Sooo many great games are coming that we gamers might spend the whole world out of recession and economic crisis. 🙂

    Well, I did say ‘might’.

  2. Andy Turner avatar
    Andy Turner

    I feel the same pain its going to take some strict scheduling to make sure I enjoy everything to its fullest a few games I was far from done with have fallen by the way side (I’m sorry Viva Pinata) but I swear once Im all done with Fallout, Tomb Raider, Left 4 Dead, Lego Batman and those few other games that I will return.

    All this gaming fun certainly is very hard work.

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