It’s a gun, with a chainsaw on it!!!!!!!!

If you’re a fan of gore, violence and destruction in your games then you will appreciate the genius of the Gears of War Lancer. It needs no further explanation than “It’s a gun with a chainsaw on it!!!!!!” Which is why this blog is going to be short but definitely not sweet. Although my actual favourite weapon of the game to use is the torque bow cause I am sadistic and like that my enemy knows they’re doomed that split second before they chunkify, it is undoubtedly one of the best and most iconic gaming creations to date.

Well now us lucky Gears fans can get our hands on our own full scale replica! Although it is only available to buy from the U.S at the moment, I do have faith that we Brits and everyone else will be able to get hold of them soon without persuading some relative or friend whom we haven’t seen since before the Playstation came out (that happens to live across the pond) to accept this strange item and forward it on to us in the sunny U.K. For USD 139.99 (GBP 70) pre-ordered from Amazon, you can own one of these babies (and yes that does come with a copy of Gears of War 2) complete with sound effects and vibration. Look, Look, Look!!!

Now all we need are giant muscles, apparently, to be able to hold the thing 🙂







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  1. Michael avatar

    That looks ace… but nah, you don’t need muscles to hold one of them – Cliffy B can manage and he’s a bit weedy!

    Tch, the Torque Bow is definitely lethal but it’s easy to avoid if you wait until the charge has run out and it fires automatically!


  2. Zanveth avatar

    Same price I paid for my Master Chief helmet…would look awsome on my wall in me under construction gaming area.

    It’s surely only a matter of time before someone mods it to have a real chainsaw though.

    Shame its Gears though as I totally suck at the game and can’t play it for more than one hour without becoming frustrated.

    Now, this + the UT rocket launcher would look great, throw in the replica frostmourne (Warcraft) and you’ve got yourself one bad ass way to repell any unwelcome guests in your house.

  3. Chris avatar

    Wow Im drooling like a wee drooly-thing here!! Cant wait to get my hands on one of those bad-boys. Ive been watching the YouTube videos on how to make one from kiddies toys. Quite tempted to give it a go. These replicas look amazing though. Nice find Laura!!

  4. Tony avatar

    Bloody hell. A prize to the first person to get themselves arrested at US Customs attempting to bring one of these home in their suitcase!

  5. NorfolkNChance avatar

    I gotta get me one of those!

  6. Anthony avatar

    I can just imagine it – I know it looks like an offensive weapon but it’s a toy… honest!

  7. Martin avatar

    Is it just me or does one end of the gun look really cool and the other end like………a toy? Have any of you seen the Locust headshot model available via Gamestation for pre orders of GOW2?

  8. arc14716 avatar

    I can’t believe that they actually went and made a full sized replica of the thing.

    Yes, I do live in the US, so if I wanted to, I could buy one of these things for myself, but I won’t. Too expensive for my taste, plus where am I going to put the thing in my place.

  9. Tony avatar

    It would be difficult to make new friends with that out on display.

    Visitor: “Oh..kay. You’ve got a deadly weapon on the wall.”
    You: “No, it’s OK, I’m not a nutter, it’s just a replica of a deadly weapon from a computer game.”
    Visitor (sweating and looking past you at the exit): “I see…”

  10. Ray avatar

    OMG! I want one.

    I like using the Lancer except when there are wretches around.

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