Forget Smoking Patches..

Multiplayer, probably the best thing since sliced bread. Heck, it’s better! Gaming with others split-screen has always made a game more fun but now we have the giant that is online gaming. The main culprits being the Xbox 360 and PS3 to this, having almost all of their titles online one way or another. I know very few gamers that haven’t paid for their latest Live Subscription so they can log in and shoot some virtual terrorists.

Since I first tried Xbox Live back when I got my 360 I was hooked. Goodbye COD2 campaign! The thrill of slaughtering other players felt ironically good, except when I was the one being slaughtered (which happened a lot). After I was beginning to slowly bore from COD2 a new batch of games were released, causing me to move onto the new online games with the crowd. Buying a game without online play actually scares me now, what if I get bored…what do I do then? It’s not like I can go online on Oblivion or Devil May Cry 4 is it, as great games as they are. I’m already tempted to switch to COD4 before I get spammed with invites to games while I’m trying to pass a level I’m halfway through on DMC4.

I can always get through games such as COD4’s campaign as it’s easily addictive and you don’t feel the same ‘alone-ness’ since you have a squad and such. But that’s a slow process since a good game comes at a price, and that one comes at the price of having an even MORE addictive multiplayer mode. I will admit that one of the top reasons I play single player mode in games is for, yes I will hang my head in shame, Gamerscore. But I’m not so desperate to play it on all the difficulty modes, that’s just asking too much with the temptation of online play present. But the main reason is being alone while all my friends are online without me, while I’m trying to complete a campaign in some game. Co-op campaign cures this temporarily. You just don’t feel the same when it’s not some other person.






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    I must confess, for my first year of Live I almost exclusively played online, but then after a few fall outs I went single player. The biggest effect was that my gamerscore went through the roof. I have to say though, I miss the online camradere and am actively seeking new online pals. Oh no! that sounds like a dating advert-must have gsoh, like games etc etc lol

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