Tank Beats Everything!

Let’s face it, if you’ve got more than 50 tons of armour bearing down on your position you’re not gonna argue with it unless you’ve got some SERIOUS fire power at your disposal. Even with some kind of huge explosive projectile in your hands there’s not guarantee that that looming monstrosity isn’t going to spot you first and completely flatten you now is there?! Of course in real life one would need to be much more careful than in the wonderful world of gaming and it’s conveniently placed checkpoints. In the heat of a battle which has mostly played out on foot to charge out in front of a tank that is approaching without warning is most likely going to result in your annihilation.

They’re mighty handy though aren’t they, when they’re yours to command! Ploughing through the opposition with true power, watching the mere mortals flee only to be effortlessly obliterated. Tanks have their weaknesses though obviously, there are those pesky RPG’s for one which like most heavy weaponry in a game seem to be more powerful when an enemy’s firing at you. If it takes you three shots to blast a tank you just know that an NPC is only going need to land one or two to end your fun. But they soon learn their lesson, on the next respawn. Mwah ha haaa!

In a perfect world tanks would be road legal, imagine how much easier the school run and the shopping would be, the tax would probably be pretty high and our insurance would have to cover us for road-rage induced shell damage but at least sitting in queues and at traffic lights would be a thing of the past.







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  1. Chris avatar

    Looks like screenshots from Battelfield2:Modern Combat, right..? Loved that game and indeed the tanks, but felt the OpFor were always out gunned by the US/European forces. Not a bad thing I suppose! Just picked up Bad Company and although still to get stuck into the multiplayer side of it, I hear the tanks and helicopters are great ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Dave avatar

    Starfox and Falco’s ‘Final Smash’ moves in Super Smash Bros. Brawl involve a giant Landmaster tank from Lylat Wars rolling onto the stage and blowing the hell out of the arena.

    It’s immensly funny and satisfying watching the other three players try to scarper when they see you coming, jumping around for their life.


  3. Shaz avatar

    okay, nobody invite Lauz to a paintball day out, she might bring more pain than we bargain for! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Zanveth avatar

    Tanks are great, but from a non action point of view my fondest memory revolving around tanks goes back to Civ III when I went on the all out offensive against one of my friends in a hot-seat game a few years back. Literally every ‘square’ on my map was ‘Modern Armour’ (Tanks basically) and I simply rolled over everything, when one died, another took its spot. You nuke a 9×9 area, everyone is replaced within turns. They were an unstoppable force…good times.

  5. Michael avatar

    Tanks – great when you’re using one, not so much when you’re on foot a fair way from an enemy one and all you have is a handgun.

    I actually like taking out a tank while running about the place…

  6. Mike avatar

    This phrase also describes when I get chosen to be the tank in Left 4 Dead. ๐Ÿ˜›

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