Dead Space

For once I’m not talking about what’s between the ears of those I come across on LIVE, I’m talking about EA’s scary new Sci-Fi/Horror Shooter “Dead Space”, due for release on Oct 31 2008 – Halloween.

In Dead Space, players step into the role of engineer Isaac Clarke โ€“ an ordinary man on a seemingly routine mission to fix the communications systems aboard a deep space mining ship. It is not long before Isaac awakes to a living nightmare when he learns that the ship’s crew has been ravaged by a vicious alien infestation. He must fight through the dead silence and darkness of deep space to stay alive. Praised by previewers for it’s surprisingly successful blending of Sci-Fi and Horror this game looks set to be pretty popular from the start.

Although it’s a 3rd person, over the shoulder view, it’s totally giving me Doom 3 deja-vu, the look, the environment, the creatures you must face and the fact that you’re pretty much alone fighting for your very survival. Obviously the graphics are better what with Doom 3 being close to OAPness in gaming years. But I loved Doom 3, still do, it’s Doom, but prettier. It scared the crap out of me, but how many games really manage to do that. You can get the occasional moment in any game where you jump out of your skin, startled at the though of losing health or points but the atmosphere of Doom 3 was perfect. The game manual recommends playing Doom 3 with the sound up and the lights off, of course being a woman I read the instructions ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having to choose between holding your torch or weapon made it all the more frantic when changing back, fumbling to press the right button in a blood soaked room being hastily approached by a creature coming out of the darkness that you just know, doesn’t like you one bit, got my heart going every time!

But inevitably, I played it enough that it all became a bit “meh” to me. I long for it to scare me again I wanna feel the need to shriek, pause the game and run to turn the lights on for fear of something nasty creeping up behind me. So Dead Space are you gonna be my new Doom 3? You look like it, I can’t wait to see if you play like it.







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  1. Michael avatar

    Issac Clarke? That’s such a geeky name! Being cribbed from two authors and all… yeah, I’m not ashamed to know that!

    I heard the creatures differ in how they need to be taken down, which should make it particularly tense if there’s a mixed group of them coming at you! Or you can just blast away in a mad panic. I’ll be choosing the second option I reckon!

    Plus they can come out you from anywhere so it really will be “They’re coming outta the god-damned walls!” YAY! 2008, the year of the game zombie?

  2. Laura avatar

    Mad panic + Zombies = I want!

  3. Emily avatar

    I don’t know how you could play these games in the dark with the sound up. I was still crapping my pants playing Doom 3 in daylight with the sound down :/
    Same with System Shock 2 many years back!

  4. Chris avatar

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this games development for a few months now and I love everything I’ve seen so far. Even the controls will be reflective of you wearing a large heavy cumbersome spacesuit. If frights are what gets you off, then you’ll certainly be soiling yourself when you can’t turn to face the nearest evil mutant ex-colleague in time to defend yourself, and button bashing brings on a whole new meaning in the desperation to survive ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Simon avatar

    Gotta say Doom 3 really did it for me. Lights off and headphones on for full scary surround sound, gave me a right case of the willies.
    Definitely looking forward to Dead Space and as long as the 3rd person view works similar to GoW, I’ll be a happy and slightly scared man.
    Looking forward to your full review!

  6. Martin avatar

    Space/horror only means one game to me-Aliens Colonial Marines ooooohhhhh yesssssssss! Don’t get me wrong Dead Space will get played by me but I want to see beasties that mostly come out at night, mostly!

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