Tag: Trolling

  • Confessions of a Gamer – The ‘C’ Word

    We are all capable of hissing out words of frustration but have you ever called a stranger the ‘C’ word?

  • Mock the Gamer

    See what I did with the title there? I called this “Mock the Gamer”, like “Mock the Week”, but I changed one of the words because I’m imaginative and hilarious. I’m angry at gamers at the moment, but I decided to turn that frown upsidedown, open it up a bit and go “ha ha ha”…

  • Reach Rage

    Halo Reach has me raging again. As you may have gathered from my previous thoughts on the game, I’m a total whore for the Halo credits. For me, there’s nothing better than watching that little bar at the bottom of the screen edge ever closer to the right with every single credit I acquire. Finally…