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  • Spending Time

    Shaun talks about the merits of the shorter game in adult life.

  • A little too ironic…I really do think

    Tomorrow will see the release of Sims2 Apartment Life. Usually by now my pre-order would have been long placed and I’d be bouncing up and down awaiting the latest expansion. But I’m not. No pre-order, no poring over screenshots, nothing, and I have to take a moment to wonder why. After careful thought I believe…

  • We have all the time in the world

    I’m always bemoaning my lack of time to play games and I’m not alone. During the week between office hours, relationships and that pesky reliance on food, I have found myself available to play only for a couple of hours after 10pm. Like any person working a five day office week, my weekends fill quicker…