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  • EGX 2016 Report – Part One

    EGX 2016 Report – Part One

    EGX is back for another year and Adam was there to try out all the hot new stuff. And drink too much Tornado.

  • Popcade – Arcade Culture

    Sean recalls memories of the original gamer social network, the Arcade.

  • Levelling Up – Tournament Ready

    Go out swinging.

  • Levelling Up – Breaking Bad Habits

    Ryan says bad habits are the ones that knock.

  • CAPCOM announce new Street Fighter IV characters

    Speaking at this weekend’s fighting game tournament, EVO 2013, CAPCOM announced that the newest expansion to the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV will be hitting the stores in early 2014. Following other current generation Street Fighter titles such as Super Street Fighter IV, the Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken, the shenanigans of Ryu…

  • Lost in Translation? – Street Fighter

    Welcome to Lost in Translation? – the Ready Up series where we look at the rocky two-way road of media adapted from video games and games based on films and TV shows, in a bid to decide whether the juice was worth the squeeze, or if what made the source material great in the first…

  • Arcade Dreams – Part 1

    Whether or not you enjoy retro games or think they’re a relic from another era, I think every gamer can at least see the appeal of the classic arcade machine. There’s nothing like huddling around an old CRT monitor with your mates playing legendary titles like Street Fighter II or Turtles in Time. As someone…

  • Novelization of my Preview Play of Street Fighter X Tekken

    Ryu looked across the jungle ruin at his opponent. A slightly threatening man called Kazuya glared back. He had a number of large scars, and his hair vigorously gelled back into some sort of ridiculous reverse quiff. It looked like this Kazuya fellow, whoever he was, had slept for 24 hours straight with a hair-dryer…

  • Two Years Is A Long Time

    It’s not odd in any way to say to someone, “No, I don’t like that game”. That’s always the case with most types of games. There would appear to be one exception, Fighters. If you’re a Street Fighter player and a new fighting game comes out and people ask you if you’re going to get…

  • Pain

    Pain is a sensation that you’ll always be exposed to. It’s constantly stalking you, whether you know it or not. It can hit you suddenly and take you by surprise and can disappear as quickly as it appeared or stay with you long afterwards, watching, waiting. Physical; emotional; spiritual; psychological; it doesn’t matter. It’s with…