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  • YCNGB #2 – McDonaldland/MC Kids (1992)

    YCNGB #2 – McDonaldland/MC Kids (1992)

    It’s time for Susan to introduce Verity to the joy of MC Kids/McDonaldland.

  • Why Collect Retro Games? – Preserving History & Memories

    Sean explains why collecting retro games and consoles is more than a hobby.

  • The Beginner’s Guide To Video Game Collecting: Where To Buy

    After years of building his own collection, Sean provides some advice on how to start building your own video game collection.

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    In early 2013, during an otherwise uneventful Nintendo Direct video presentation, the game developer spoke about the pressures of designing for the Zelda franchise. How do you keep such a critically-lauded property fresh, while also satisfying long-time fans who have grown to love its formula? Nintendo’s answer was “Challenge the expectations of players”. Later in…

  • Industry Legend Hiroshi Yamauchi Dies, Aged 85

    Known for his controversial decisions and an iron will to match, Hiroshi Yamauchi is responsible for Nintendo’s growth from a simple card company into a video game empire. After radical success with the portable Game and Watch series, Mr. Yamauchi took a chance and assigned hardware designer Gunpei Yokoi to mentor a plucky young concept…

  • Evoland

    What was birthed as a 48-hour Ludum Dare concept has evolved into a full game, available now through Steam Greenlight and GOG.com. As a fellow indie-dev myself (admittedly, a far lazier one), seeing this process come to fruition is particularly inspiring. Evoland is not only a journey into the past and present of the role-playing…

  • Pipe Dreams – Cheetahmen III

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the very first instalment of my ‘Pipe Dreams’ series. The grand stage where all my gaming related desires, hope, and dreams are given the attention that I feel they deserve, as well as the opportunity for you to chime in with your own personal opinion on whether…

  • Confessions of a Control(ler) Freak

    I recently listened to Episode 5 of the Ready Up podcast and its great Martin’s Musing, where he pondered EA’s decision to not allow players to start their games by pushing the A button on their Xbox 360 controller. While I worry a little about my highly esteemed Ready Up colleague, (after all, covering such…