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  • Let’s talk about an N64 Classic

    Let’s talk about an N64 Classic

    Let’s have a quick rundown and try and pick, say, 20 games that would make the N64 Classic.

  • Re-View – Super Mario 64

    Phil takes a look back at Mario’s iconic exploit into the 3rd dimension.

  • Cute Chronicles – Gotta Play ‘Em All!

    Su-per cutesy happy fun casual gaming time! After thinking about Yoshi’s Story, this morning I broke out the old Pikachu Nintendo 64 with the intention of bouncing around with some dinosaurs. That changed quickly however, since it seemed a bit of a disservice to a Pikachu Nintendo 64 to not play a Pokémon game of…

  • Re(tro)cycling

    I’m clearing out my room. In a bid to sort the house out, I’m going through all the stuff that’s currently in my bedroom and tossing away all the crap I don’t need anymore. It’s weird seeing all the things that I’ve owned that used to  mean a lot to me that I’ve forgotten about…

  • Is it time for Nintendo to let go of Ocarina of Time?

    Those folks at Nintendo are ridiculously proud of Ocarina of Time – and rightly so. When it was first released it garnered many a perfect review score along with all the squeals and the excitement. Thirteen years later and it regularly tops “Ultimate games of all time” lists and features in God knows how many nostalgic…

  • Sweet Childhood O’ Mine

    It’s taken me a while to finally admit it, but Pokémon kicks arse. Pokémon defined entire years of my childhood, yet I pretty much turned my back on them as soon as I entered high school. I mean, come on! They were far too childish, right? Wrong. It’s only now, after the release of Pokémon…