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  • Answer Me This: Why Was 2013 a Terrible Year for Videogames? Part One

    2013 was an awful year for videogames, but why so? Michael explains why, in his eyes, it was a dire 12 months.

  • Is This the Last Wave of Engines?

    Towards the tail end of this year with the desperate scraping of all your pennies to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the top titles, have you taken the time to have a look at the quality that is available? I feel as though we’re being spoiled with the games that are…

  • Learning to Walk Again

    If you check out my Ready Up bio, you’ll see that I am a self-proclaimed Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare multiplayer nut. It’s the first shooter I was ever really good at both on and offline. I generally suck at games like Halo, Medal of Honor and Unreal Tournament, so learning I didn’t completely blow…