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  • Norwich Gaming Festival 2015

    We went along to the Norwich Gaming Festival and found many reasons to feel good about videogames

  • Bit Socket – The Indie Games of Eurogamer Expo 2013

    All the Indie Games, plus our game of the show: Tenya Wanya Teens!

  • Foul Play

    To release a videogame just one day after the newest Grand Theft Auto is a bold move, but that’s the kind of game Foul Play is. It’s quietly confident of its ability to stand out from the crowd, with an interesting mix of mechanics both old and new proving a stroke of genre-invigorating genius. But…

  • Nicoll Hunt on Fist of Awesome

    It’s a warm, grey, muggy August day as I enter a pub in Soho, London. I’m here today to talk to Nicoll Hunt about his forthcoming game, FIST OF AWESOME, and to find out whether its alluring blend of old school sensibilities and a thoroughly modern streak of sublimely silly self-knowing wit can justify its…

  • Develop Conference 2013 – Why the Indie Dev Day is Vital

    Well hi. You look well. The fact that you’re a savvy reader of Ready Up leads me to believe that you, like me, are quite a fan of playing video games. But have you ever considered taking a path that leads to creating your own games? Or have you ever wondered what decisions, mistakes and…